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A holiday home.

Enjoying a holiday house starts with understanding the environment and climate conditions it has to bear, as well as the expectations of the owners.


The assignment was simple: Update our 80's holiday home in a budget friendly way and bring it more towards 2020 living standards, with the eventual possibility of letting the house.


Simple, yet effective interventions were executed. 

Besides the almost logical renewal of the kitchen and 2 bathrooms, we knew that it was important and almost indispensable to bring the beautiful views and lots of daylight into the house. 

Therefore new windows were created to embrace the beautiful sea sight and vistas and let light and sun flow in under controlled conditions.

Obviously, to rest assured for the coming decades, heating and cooling, as well as all windows and floors have been changed. This in view of a maintenance friendly result, because after all it has to be a holiday home and not an extra task.

Therefore quality and durability were always monitored. All this done within budget.


With this the house is once more ready for years and years of pleasure and comfort for it's new owners and their family and friends. 

Creating the next decades of great family and holiday memories!


Welcome home. Welcome to Spain! 

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Besides you not only need a linguistic translator

between workman and owner, but also a

specialist to combine wishes and dreams with

technical possibilities and efficient realization.

A moderator. An inspector.


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Through a careful choice of good

quality materials, it became possible

to have this much natural light enter

the house in this sunny and often

warm country.

Our supervision at site and on the

correct use of these materials and

techniques (according to the design)

 was obviously also a fundamental

part in this process.

- comunidad Valencia SPAIN -

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