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Playhouse 'Aliz' was a surprise for her 4th birthday.

Our design consisted of making a completely demountable house. A very austere, serene exterior contrasts sharply with the multicolored children's paradise inside. Hatch, door, window and Aliz's own works of art make it her real dream world.


A desolate black bitumen roof terrace was transformed into a green oasis in the city. Playing with levels increases the feeling of space and intimacy. (see below)


For the A-TRACK design trail, the assignment was to bring changing themes in a catchy manner. Yet all of this had to always be in line with the DNA of this case, which can rather be described as discreet, high-quality and timeless. A fascinating process to be innovative with every edition with respect for their individuality. (see below)

A 2-02.png


A 3-03.png
Assembling or storage, in 15 minutes the house is ready for its next summer or winter.
A 4-04.png
The childlike simplicity of a house served as the starting point for the closed volume.
A 5-05.png
A 6-06.png
Almost as much fun designing and making it our self; as Aliz, her sister and her friends still have, while enjoying it.
In 2016 Aliz (then 3 years) made her own artwork to decorate the house.
A 7-07.png
BERCHEM 1-01.png

By playing with levels and volumes, existing skylights were integrated and zones were created for water, plants, herbs, wood storage, seating area, etc.

All this visible from the rooms situated on a higher level in the house.


BERCHEM 2-02.png
BERCHEM 3-03.png
Design and execution - with an eye for detail - was completely done by ourselves. A varied assignment.
BERCHEM 4-04.png
Bringing dynamism in a limited area. Each zone with its specific function.
BERCHEM 5-05.png
An immense wall surface was visually graced by two frames that refer to the play of form, color and material.


For a renowned Antwerp design store, we have repeatedly been responsible for the conceptual creation, design, presentation and organization of theme-related exhibitions and events.

Based on research, the installation on the site was tackled, as well as the promotion and branding around it. This regularly motivated known designers and manufacturers to be present or to cooperate.

 1. MAURICE 1-01.png
 1. MAURICE 2-02.png
 1. MAURICE 3-03.png
 1. MAURICE 4-04.png
 1. MAURICE 5-05.png
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